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Languages & Libraries

The MQTT and HTTP protocol are standards that are supported by all popular
programming languages. For most languages, multiple libraries are available.

Use the MQTT.js library with Node.js or in the browser to publish and subscribe using MQTT.

// require npm package
const mqtt = require("mqtt");

// declare client
const client = mqtt.connect("mqtt://", {
  clientId: "javascript",

// register "connect" callback
client.on("connect", function () {

  // subscribe to topic

  // publish message every second
  setInterval(function () {
    client.publish("hello", "world");
  }, 1000);

// register "message" callback
client.on("message", function (topic, message) {
  console.log(topic + ": " + message.toString());

For more information see the JavaScript manual in the documentation.

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