Learn about migrating projects from the legacy shiftr.io platform.

With our new cloud service launch, we will be gradually terminating the current shiftr.io platform offering while giving everyone time to migrate their projects.

Platform Differences

HTTP Interface Endpoint

The HTTP Interface endpoint has been prefixed with "broker/" to prevent collisions with the new console interface. Please see the HTTP Interface documentation for more information.

Unsupported Features

  • The "Unique Client IDs" beta feature is not yet supported in shiftr.io Cloud.
  • Metrics are not yet persistent and will be reset when the interface is reloaded.

Namespace Migration

Migrating projects from the legacy shiftr.io platform to the new shiftr.io Cloud is simple. For each namespace on the legacy shiftr.io platform, you essentially deploy a new instance in shiftr.io Cloud, recreate the tokens, and reconfigure your devices and applications.

For projects that require a 24/7 service, you may need to subscribe to a paid plan as the instance will otherwise automatically sleep after running more than six hours a day. In case you used multiple namespaces to separate your projects and require 24/7 service, it may be much cheaper for you to consolidate the projects and run from a single instance.

Transition Plan

Legacy Platform Shutdown (20.1.21)

On the 20th of January 2021, we shut-down the legacy platform. All existing accounts and namespaces on the legacy platform have been deleted.

Registration Closing (4.1.21)

On the 4th of January 2021, we closed registrations for the legacy platform and require all new shiftr.io users to sign up for the new shiftr.io Cloud service.

UI Domain Change (26.11.20)

On the 26th of November 2020, we transitioned the main shiftr.io domain to the new landing page. From that point on, the legacy user interface will only be available at legacy.shiftr.io.

Users that use real-time graph embeds on external sites need to adjust their embeds accordingly before the change.


Please get in contact if you run into problems with migrating your projects.