The IoT Cloud Service for
Enthusiasts and Professionals

The Cloud allows anyone to launch
free and paid instances on-demand.

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Fast, Scalable & On-Demand

The cloud service allows you to run isolated instances in the cloud.
These instances offer substantial throughput and bandwidth for small and big projects.
Single Process
Every Cloud instance is scheduled as a separate process in our infrastructure to ensure low latency and high throughput.
Modern Security
All Cloud instances provide MQTT and HTTP securely using TLS. Unencrypted MQTT is available to integrate with legacy devices.
Instant Scalability
If you need more bandwidth or throughput you can instantly scale up your instance. To save money you can also scale down anytime.


You can start with the free Basic plan or go directly with a paid plan if you
require more resources. You can always scale up or down without limitations.
Start simple with the Basic plan which is ideal for testing the platform and driving small projects on demand.
$0* / month
100 Active connections
5K Messages per second
Do you want to run your project 24/7 or require more power on demand? Choose the Plus plan and kickstart your project.
$7 / month
200 Active connections
10K Messages per second
Do you have a lot of devices or want to send many messages? Go with the Pro plan to unlock more throughput and bandwidth.
$19 / month
500 Active connections
30K Messages per second
* Free instances are only allowed to run 6 hours a day. They will automatically sleep if not used and recharge if exhausted.

Ready to get started?

Deploy in the cloud for free today and scale up as needed later.