Legacy Shutdown

Today, we're saying goodbye to the legacy shiftr.io platform. We thank everyone that has since been a part of shiftr.io for the continuing support. With the recent release and migration to the new shiftr.io Cloud service and shiftr.io Desktop app, we're starting a new chapter in the story of shiftr.io.

shiftr.io Legacy Start Page

This milestone concludes an exciting adventure of building shiftr.io from an idea to a platform that enables many IoT enthusiasts worldwide to work with MQTT and connect their things to the Internet. The project was launched as a prototyping and research tool six years ago in 2014. Over the years, the platform evolved to handle the growing usage caused by the many people signing-up and using shiftr.io for their projects.

With the project reaching critical scale, we decided to start fresh and build a new platform that will serve us for the years ahead and enable even more people to use MQTT and explore the IoT. We're looking forward to continuing on this road and invest our time in new features and enhancements. Stay tuned, and please share any questions or feedback.